How to Measure

How To Measure For your Wedding Dress or Occasion Dress

When purchasing your wedding dress, never go by the gown’s size tag. Our bridal gowns and occasion dresses usually run 1-2 sizes smaller than usual high street sizes, depending on the designer and the style of the gown. We always suggest measuring yourself and comparing your measurements to the measurements listed for each gown.

Measure yourself with just your undergarments on, looking straight ahead, standing up straight and with your arms down at your sides. The places you measure are your Bust, Waist and Low Hips. Make sure to measure the fullest parts of your bust, narrowest part of your waist and fullest part of the hips around the bum. (Please keep in mind to “not” go by your bra size for your bust measurement, since it is a totally different measurement.) It’s always best to have a friend help for the most accurate measurements.

Take your measures and compare them to the size guide shown in the description of your chosen dress. Don't worry if they don't exactly match. Nobody measures exact on all 3 areas. Take into account your body shape, for example, if you are broad or have a large bust, make sure the Bust measure will fit, you can always employ a seamstress to adjust the waist and hips in to fit. Similarly if you are naturally bigger in your waist area, make sure the waist measures are close. You can then adjust the bust in with a seamstress. 

If you are not sure, contact us at, sending your measurements and dress choice and we can advise you accordingly, we know how our dresses fit and will be able to discuss with you how the dress will fit.


Height requirements: 

Please know that most brides of average height do not need to worry about the length of the gown being too short. Most brides will need their gown hemmed to the perfect length by their bridal seamstress, which is absolutely normal. When comparing your height to the length of each gown, please compare your hollow to hem measurement to the hollow to hem measurement of each gown. This measurement is “not” your actual height. The hollow to hem measurement is the measurement from the base of your neck (where your neck dips in) to the hem of where you would the hem to end. Try to get someone to help as you will need to stand up straight without looking down when taking this measurement. It is always a good idea to have the same or similar shoe height on that you plan to wear the day of the wedding. 

Alteration Tips: 

Most bridal gowns can be altered at least 1-2 sizes smaller, however, couture bridal gowns usually can not be let out (made larger), since the interior seams are notched for the best couture fit. if your not sure please contact us about the specific dress and we can check it for you and discuss the possibilities. We also suggest consulting a local professional, experienced bridal seamstress so he/she can give you their opinion on whether they personally would be able to do the alterations. Our past brides have had positive success with taking the listed pictures to their local bridal seamstress to see if it is possible.